Student Program at the Museum

Adopt an Artifact
open to all students

"Adopt an Artifact" is an exciting program, created by the Allegheny-Kiski Valley Historical Society, with today's student in mind.

The Allegheny-Kiski Valley Historical Society knows first-hand and understands that today's students will be tomorrow's leaders, not only locally, but statewide, nationally and internationally as well.

Unfortunately, many of today's students do not know about the rich ethnic heritage that exists in our local Allegheny-Kiski Valley region, nor are they aware that many well-known companies first got their start in our local area.

Hopefully, our new "Adopt an Artifact" program will help to bridge this gap, by giving students a way to connect to the history of our local Allegheny-Kiski Valley region, through a fun, hands-on experience.

Just like the popular TV shows of today, such as CSI and NCIS, students participating in our new "Adopt an Artifact" program will be able to put into practice many of those skills that they see on TV. 

Below are a few of the hundreds of artifacts available for "Adoption"

Students will have an opportunity to "adopt" an artifact in the Museum and will be encouraged to:

Photograph the artifact
Measure and date the artifact
Record the composition of the artifact

Next, they will need to use their deductive skills, to see what types of clues they can learn from the artifact itself, so that they can use all of that information in order to research the artifact through the Internet, the local libraries and of course, older family members.

Once researched, each student will be asked to provide the Historical Society with the following:

Completed application
 Photo of the artifact
Photo of the student

In turn, the Museum will then place that artifact on display, along with the research work done by the student, as well as the photo of the student - giving the student full credit for their research work.

Additionally, this information will also be printed out in the Chronicle, our Society's newsletter, so that others can learn and benefit from the research work done by the student.

There is no limit to the number of items that anyone or any group can adopt,
but only one "adoption" project can be assigned at a time to any one person or group.

Don't miss this excellent opportunity to show off your detective skills, as well as learn first-hand about the local history in the Allegheny-Kiski Valley region.

                                                          Leaders and Teachers
Don't miss this excellent opportunity to help young people enjoy this first-hand learning experience.





Open to Individual Students of all ages,
Entire School Classes,
Home-Schooled Students,
Cyber School Students,
and all Scout Troops

For additional information
or to schedule a group visit
please call


Admission to the Program is Free
Historical Society Memberships are available:
Student Memberships - $5.00 per year
Family Memberships - $35.00 per year

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