2:00 PM, SUNDAY, AUGUST 6, 2017


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The beautiful teenager moved from Tarentum to New York City and became the world's first supermodel. Evelyn Nesbit, a willowy, copper-haired beauty was the most sought-after artists’ and fashion model in America’s Gilded Age. She was a popular face too on the illustrated covers of many journals and magazines, among them Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar, The Delineator and Ladies’ Home Journal, and her likeness was also to be found advertising everything from face creams to toothpastes. Her life was turbulent and eventful, and her fame peaked when she became embroiled in a murder, and what was then dubbed ‘the trial of the century.’



Tarentum Recreation Board Free Event
Cindy Homburg promises to bring popcorn and soda for everyone.

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